What clients are saying…

Are you offended when someone questions your abilities? Prior to my emcee event last week, the client informed me that they would provide me with their preferred stylist/makeup artist. Being quite African American (LOL), I requested a quick phone call with the professional. If I can be honest, I had every intention of hiring my own makeup artist at this point.

Cindy L. Kyle was amazingly friendly on our call. When I asked her if she did much work on African American skin, she could have chosen to be offended. Or, she could have done what many other hairdressers, OB/GYNs, etc. do and assured me there is no difference between what I needed and her average customer needed. This is actually not true and is a recipe for disaster. However, she listened to me and waited until I was done speaking. Then she shared that she had worked with many women of color. She named a few well-known women and then asked me about my favorite makeup brand. I shared that I use mostly MAC. She then stated, off of the top of her head, what two compacts I would likely use, based on her viewing my pictures online. She was right! I actually jump between the two she named, based on the time of year.

Fast forward to the event, Cindy was already there when I arrived–and I got there 20 minutes early! She steamed and lint-rolled my clothes. Regarding my makeup, she gave me a natural glow with a pop of color. This was no small feat as I was suffering from a sunburn ON MY FACE. She made sure I stayed looking fresh and that I was comfortable the entire event. Not only that, she was a ton of fun to talk to!

I learned a valuable lesson from Cindy on how to address doubts and convert prospects into raving fans.

Side note- Cindy had on her mask y’all. She took if off for the pic. ūüėČ

Crystal Washington, CSP/Futurist/Technology Strategist/Author/High Energy Int. Keynote Speaker

I discovered Cindy through an internet search one day when I was so frustrated with ‚Äúmy look‚ÄĚ and¬†wanted a change. This proved to be one of my better decisions because believe me, change is what I¬†got! Through 2 different appointments, Cindy took the time to listen to my thoughts and get to know¬†me. She wanted to know what brought me to her and we then worked together to clarify my goals¬†regarding a hairstyle/makeup update. I gave Cindy pretty much free reign in choosing a style and color¬†for my hair. She explained each step along the way and because we were cutting a significant amount of¬†hair, she knew I would be nervous and only cut a little at a time giving me the choice whether to keep¬†going. She was dedicated to achieving just the right look for me, one that I would be comfortable with.¬†I have received so many compliments on my hair and updated look which is happily very easy to¬†maintain. Thank you Cindy for making my adventure stress free and fun!!

Julie Walker

“I was lucky enough to find Cindy Kyle and Kyle Image Consultants on a recent shoot in Rochester. It was a 3-day shoot with make-up needs including executives and doctors on a greenscreen, an interview at a new mom’s home, and still photos with a mom, dad and young children. Cindy always knew just how to approach each subject. Everyone looked naturally beautiful, which is exactly what we were looking for, and her personality put everyone at ease. She also was kind enough to help with wardrobe, and even found other ways to help if she had down time. In short, she was a tremendous asset on our shoot, and I will absolutely use her on future projects in the area.”

Beryt Nisenson, Robin Lewin Productions, Los Angeles, CA

“Cindy really helped me. I needed to appear more professional and grown-up at work, but really had no idea how to go about it. I felt sort of intimidated. But Cindy gave excellent and nice instruction that was tailored to my lifestyle. She helped me move forward and past some ideas of mine that had held me back. Not only did I feel empowered at the end of the day‚ÄĒI had fun! My colleagues and co-workers immediately noticed the change! Thank you!”

Julia M.

“Thank you so much for making Tuesday’s shoot and our shoot earlier this month as quick and painless as possible. Your professionalism and upbeat nature certainly helped keep the days light and fun. I think we are all going to be pleased with the results of the photos and video. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and we hope to work with you again soon!”

Lindsay, Campaign Manager and Stephanie Minor, Mayoral Candidate

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cindy Kyle on several commercial shoots. Her ability to transform on-camera talent to reflect the message we are creating with wardrobe, make-up, and as a hairstylist, brings a level of ‘Hollywood-style’ production that is often overlooked at many shoots. She’s the’ touch of magic’ a client wants in television and video production.”

Gloria Smith, Media Connection

“I am shooting a commercial for a service that supplies medical care, and I am playing an injured golfer… the coolest thing is I get to wear some awesome make-up. Cindy Kyle was the make-up artist and she was awesome! I actually sent some of these pictures to my mom and sister without telling them it was makeup… and they didn’t think it was as funny as I did. Need some bruises or cuts to get some sympathy or a day off of work, call Cindy.”

Jamie Lissow, morning host with brother Wease on the Brew 95.1